Bulk Marketing

Raj Verma February 19, 2022

Bulk Marketing is a way of marketing products or services by sending an email, SMS or other non-traditional
forms of marketing to the existing or future customers. It could be the most effective way for marketing.

  • Bulk email marketing

Bulk email marketing is an email sent to large groups of people at once to advertise the goods or services
provided by a business or maintain a relationship with customers. When done right, it allows us to increase
the number of loyal clients and boost ROI.

  • Legitimate bulk emails: When a business from which a person has procured service or product sends a reminder, it’s a bulk email. It qualifies to be a legitimate bulk email if it meets the following requirements:
  • The recipient consented to it.
  • The email provides the “unsubscribe” button.
  • The name of the business is clearly shown.

If bulk emails satisfy the above requirements, they become effective marketing channels for the businesses
that send them.

  • Unsolicited bulk emails: These are emails sent to people without their permission. Apart from that, other qualifying features for this type of marketing emails are:
  • Absence of an “unsubscribe” button.
  • Contain information that is not personalized.

You ought to be very cautious with bulk email marketing to avoid spamming their mailing lists. A valid email
marketing campaign can be achieved by using SendPulse. This service provides the necessary tools to
create and automate bulk email marketing tasks.

  • Benefits of Bulk Email Marketing
  • Surest way: Bulk email marketing is the surest way to go for any business that wants to connect with existing and prospective customers in the shortest time possible.
  • Allows real-time messaging: Given that marketing emails can be created fast, they allow marketers to send “day-of” emails to ensure the timely promotion of a limited time particular or inform customers of reduced stock. Bulk email marketing enables marketers to send realtime emails to consumers on all occasions.
  • Personalized Messages: Bulk email marketing allows businesses to send personalized emails bearing the names of their customers and provide customized information. Thus, businesses can reach out to people who already have a relationship with them rather than sending out emails to random recipients.
  • Helps in mailing list segmentation: With bulk email marketing, it is also possible to segment the customer list into a smaller, more effective one, and send out personalized emails.
  • Increased conversions: Since bulk email marketing allows marketers to segment their customer list and database, they can send targeted marketing emails that significantly boost sales conversions. With this marketing practice, marketers send out appealing messages to specific customers
  • Fosters regular communication: There is absolutely nothing preventing a marketer from sending weekly offers to their prospects and existing customers.
  • Test marketing insights: Bulk email marketing allows marketers to see headlines, colors, and graphics that customers respond to the most. The marketer can use tracking tools offered by bulk email marketing to determine which marketing message was the most effective.
  • Information sharing: Bulk email marketing allows you to share advertising content which allows a brand to gain advocates who further push the business within their networks.
  • Reduced overhead costs: Bulk email marketing can be done at an incredibly low overhead cost. An excellent bulk email marketing strategy only requires an active email marketing service such as SendPulse. So there is no marketing channel that offers a more significant ROI than email marketing.
  • Track user engagement and sales: Bulk email marketing comes with useful tools that enable marketers to track information to determine what’s working and what’s not. If a marketer uses this information and tracks sales back, they can determine the customer`s response and engagement throughout the entire cycle with elaborate, and understandable metrics.
  • How to Do Bulk Email Marketing
  • Identify the target audience: Marketers should determine the demographic groups that are most interested in the products and services their business offers. One can look at aspects such as nationality, income level, education, age groups, gender, ethnicity etc. ahead of creating a bulk email campaign.
  • Focus on the benefits. Clearly describe what the customers stand to gain from a particular brand. By highlighting the interests of consumers, a marketer can cause them to respond.
  • Be to the point. A marketing email ought to be concise. The reader should see the significant bits quickly enough to allow them to make a decision.
  • Give discounts. Marketers should entice readers by giving special discounts that are exclusive to them.
  • Communicate the deadlines. Show the need for immediate response by mentioning the date the offer expires.
  • Provide communication channels. Give customers a chance to respond to your email - contact number, hyperlink etc.
  • Avoid Spamming
  • Send emails to people who are interested in your business. Marketers should refrain from buying email addresses.
  • Use a valid email marketing service.
  • Implement double opt-in whereby the subscriber consents to receive marketing emails by replying to an email.
  • Be confidential regarding all interactions with the customers. Never sell their data.
  • Use a compelling call-to-action
  • Include the unsubscribe button.
  • Free with SendPulse
  • Create a SendPulse account
  • Create an email campaign
  • Select or design an email template
  • Check and send
  • Bulk SMS

Bulk SMS is the dispersal of large numbers of SMS (short messaging services) for delivery to mobile
phone terminals. It is used by various companies, various big & small enterprises, commercial banks
and consumer brands and for other divertissement, enterprise, versatile and flexible marketing.

  • Create a SendPulse account
  • Create an email campaign
  • Select or design an email template
  • Check and send
  • Reasons to Choose Bulk SMS:
  • Reliability: There is nothing like Promotion, Update and Spam folder on the phone to separate SMS. The chances are high of getting direct contact with your customer.
  • Cost Effective: In Bulk Text Messages you boost your products & services related SMS over the known contact numbers and engage your audience directly. The cost is very effective and affordable for all types of Bulk Messages.
  • High Conversion Rate: The Bulk SMS service is very much authentic and the content that you broadcast over to the contact numbers is directly sent and delivered to the user.
  • Increased Clientele: With the Bulk Text SMS services, you can easily manage the customer relationship with just clicking and releasing newsletters /updates /product & service offers of your business.
  • User-Friendly: SMS providers help in providing us a simple and user-friendly SMS panel to broadcast the promotional/transactional Mass SMS with some easy clicks.
  • In a nutshell:
  • It is a direct and immediate channel.
  • Short codes are used to simplify response and build your database.
  • It can support and integrate with other channels.
  • You can get to know more about your customers.
  • Response data enables to monitor, track and improve
  • The omnipresence of Mobile Phones.
  • Closes the Email Marketing Loop.
  • Great for growing markets
  • High Engagement Rate.
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